Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miscellaneous Mundanity

Just made a bad batch of macarons - they're purple, which makes me happy, but I was in a hurry and not paying attention and undercooked them a bit, so when I tried to take them off the parchment paper, the shells popped right off of the middles. Now I have a bunch of thin purple macaron shells, and I'll try to do something creative with them - fill them with lovely and delicious things between football games today. Pictures upcoming if I meet with success! I also have a couple zucchinis and should make zucchini bread with them today, and I still have egg whites to use up, which means more macs or some other kind of meringue cookies.

Semi-reading Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand - just finished The Bitter Kingdom (<3 a="" and="" baby="" babysit="" basil="" bit="" excess="" for="" get="" hang="" i="" know="" morning.="" my="" next="" of="" one="" out="" p="" pots.="" poured="" rain="" saturday="" then="" to="" today="" water="" with="" you="">
On my list: Record some more, apply for financial assistance at the Long Island City YMCA so I can keep gong to Zumba, get confirmation about some work dates and then book my ticket to the CSJO board meeting in November, read, read, read.

It's really a lovely day out today - gotta go for a walk before football starts!

I actually did have an idea of something interesting to write in this post, but I forgot it amid all the pleasant mundanity.

Oh, and in case you're wondering where else I am online - -
there you go :) A. DDICTED. to tumbling.

Your poem for the day is verse 36 of the Tao:

"That which will be shrunk
Must first be stretched.
That which will be weakened
Must first be strengthened.
That which will be torn down
Must first be raised up.
That which will be taken
Must first be given.

This is called "subtle illumination."

The gentle and soft overcomes the hard and aggressive.

A fish cannot leave the water.

The country's potent weapons
Should not be shown to its people."

Sometime's Lao Tzu's subject changes are a little perplexing to me, but I still enjoy them!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When I Am Rich

I will buy an iPad without agonizing over it for a year.

I will have beautiful nice furniture!

I will have a brand new electric piano.

I will take little weekend trips to the coast!

I will have an Anthropologie kitchen.

I will have a one bedroom apartment!

I will travel abroad and stay in actual hotels.

I will buy fancy cheese MORE OFTEN than once a month.

I will buy very high quality chocolate, and all the ingredients I want!

I will eat at EXTREMELY FANCY restaurants as often as once a month or even once a week!

Faye and Katie and Ian and I were just talking about how it's possible for a single person to make triple digits and not save at all, since we have heard of those people. But I'm pretty sure than even if I did all those things, I would still have some left over to save! I don't know how it's possible to make triple digits and have no one to support but yourself and NOT SAVE. Very perplexing.