Monday, December 19, 2016


Well, I guess I'll start this up again! I was so good last time I traveled, and then absolutely 100% abandoned it immediately thereafter. I think my life is about as exciting as always, and maybe I should maintain this blog even when I'm home--talk about baking and shit. I'm pretty entertaining, I have to say ;)

Here I am in Barcelona! Well, in the airport. I'll meet up with Madee when she lands and gets through customs, and we'll head to Placa Universitat, near Cheryl's apartment, and find a cafe to chill in until Cheryl gets home.

This is all very exciting! I am traveling! I have seen the Mediterranean, from the plane! It's absurdly picturesque! I'll upload a picture or two once I can get my phone to cooperate! I have eaten a baguette with brie and some kind of ham that I actually liked and was sort of salami-ish! I have had a small cup of delicious hot chocolate! I'm secretly exhausted, but have disguised it with coffee.