Saturday, January 29, 2011

Routine, mainly Shopping


California was lovely, as it always is.

New York is not as cold as I was afraid it would be. It snowed a foot and a half a few days ago, which was lovely!

I bought dark chocolate peanut butter cups at TJ's yesterday, and they are delicious!

I brought a cat's cradle back from home, and have been looking up how to do things with it: I remembered Jacob's Ladder still from eons past, but now I can also do Cup and Saucer, Eiffel Tower, Witch's Hat, Broom, Star, moth, Person Climbing Tree, Parachute, mouse, and Handcuffs!

Alex and I have been shopping together, deliberately, consciously, joyously, with a plan. This is lovely! We've been picking two or three recipes out of Sundays at moosewood (thank you, Debby!) each week and buying ingredients accordingly, plus occasionally with additional cooking plans in mind. Last week we made West African Peanut Soup - mmmmmmmmm! - and Imam Bayildi - pretty good too! - and yesterday we used the leftover ingredients from those (mushrooms and basil) to saute and throw into white sauce from a jar to make it delicious. This week we're making Parsnip and Cheddar Soup, Stuffed Cabbage, and also one other thing, which I have forgotten. Also I will make rye bread. We went shopping yesterday - Union Square is great, because we can start at the farmers' market (parsnips, onions, cabbage, beets [not because they're in anything we're making but because I just discovered a few weeks ago that beets are scrumptious]), head to TJ's (cream [for ice cream], walnuts, maple syrup, cheddar, parmesan [sometimes the farmers' market has really good cheese and we shell out the extra $ for it, but of course the farmers' market is much smaller in the winter and there was only one not-very-good cheese booth on Friday], the dark chocolate peanut butter cups), stroll over to Whole Foods for anything we couldn't find anywhere else, although usually I don't shop at Whole Foods because I think I'm not supposed to because the owner is bad or something, anyway (caraway seeds for the soup [which it turns out I already had at home - the caraway seeds, not the soup]), and then go on back to the farmers' market because TJ's had no rye flour (I want to make rye bread, since I have caraway seeds) and the Whole Foods rye flour was $4.66/lb, so we thought we'd glance at the flour guy's stand even though usually his flours are prohibitively expensive, and then it turned out to be $5 for 2 lbs or - get this - $10 for 5 lbs! I love the flour guy! We bought rye flour.

End of shopping trip and associated run-ons.

Grocery shopping is fun.

Today: Queens library! Laundry :(. Cooking? No telling!

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