Monday, October 3, 2011

One Thing I Forgot***

to mention about when Cheryl was here is that I may have taken off my pants in the middle of Union Square Park. This was an exhilarating thing, and I think some children may have been staring at me. But it was mainly practical, because I wanted to change out of my stupid boring jeans and into my new sunny yellow shorts from H&M! I am happy to report that this was a success, and nobody died of embarrassment, and also I looked very fun and cute in my fun shorts. Then we went to Chocolate by the Bald Man. The end.

***I just found the draft of this post from way back in May! How did I never post it? Well, here it is now!


  1. you 'may have' taken off your pants? you have amnesia around this episode?

  2. i'm hedging as a method of telling an awkward story in a cute way/of pretending to be embarrassed of something i'm not truly embarrassed about as a rhetorical effect to increase the audience's enjoyment of the story.