Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Alexia came to visit a few weeks ago! It was lovely. I got to meet her girlfriend Kate and Kate's mom, and she got to meet Alex, and it was the best time!

We need a stepladder.

Sometimes Alex brings me beautiful flowers!

Jamie gave me a birthday present, made by her mother! Now I have to actually procure her birthday present in return.

I walked across the Queensboro Bridge and the view was lovely! More photos on facebook.

Some egg yolks are oranger than others.

I made melktert, which seemed like it would be weird and turned out to be delicious vanilla custard in sour cream pie crust with lots of cinnamon and brown sugar on top. So that settled that.

Also I made quiche! Yum.

Jamie found a great jacket that zips things off to turn into a jacket-vest, which as far as we can tell has no point except fashion.

Alex says hello!


  1. I am very curious as to what is kept behind the mysterious ceiling-door!

  2. I can tell you, but it might be more fun to leave it a mystery!

  3. You did not tell me Alexia came to visit! Was it a secret? She looks the same. A vest is somewhat warm but not as hot as a jacket. It is very useful. Alex brings you center pieces from the places he caters. They are very beautiful. Were the blue and white from a wedding?

  4. It was not a secret! I thought I told you about it. I can tell when we talk again. I feel like if you need something as warm as down, your arms are going to be cold and you should have sleeves. I don't know what the blue and white were from.