Monday, February 11, 2013

Back in New York

It's raining and it has been raining all night and there is STILL a ton of snow on the ground! I'm listening to this -

which is perfect for how this morning feels.

I have a job interview tomorrow and another one next week, plus I'm supposed to have another one scheduled soon. Yay! In the meantime, totally enjoying - or at least filling up - my free time with society and self-improvement (a la recording new songs). I've been to two birthday parties already since I got back, and a knockoff Lunar New Year party, and a concert (Kishi Bashi) with another one to come (Pentatonix), I've visited my 101 year old cousin, I have a Skype date on Friday with Cheryl in Singapore, a girls' night at Jamie's coming up next week, a lunch date with my feminist friend, and two book clubs!

I am positively a butterfly.

Got nothin' else, but I'll leave you with some Kishi Bashi! I really recommend looking up some of his live stuff - the way he puts the songs together piece by piece with the looping pedal is SO COOL.

And for a bonus, the best song by the opening band, Plume Giant! I would say their overall show isn't that developed yet - a lot of their songs are too short, cutting off right before the build - but their harmonies are HOT, and they have some great ideas. And they live in Brooklyn, so I can track them as they grow!

P.S. I messed around with the little tools at the bottom of each blog post, and it might be easier to follow by email now. If you've been having trouble with that, take a poke around - I forget what I did already, but it should be possible to get updates for new posts now.


  1. "a lunch date with my feminist friend"
    You have only one?
    The Dvorak is beautiful.

  2. I have lots of friends who are different varieties of feminist, but I have one friend whom I met online through feminism, who is explicitly radically feminist, whom I never have to convince of feminist things.