Sunday, April 27, 2014

In Which I Try a New Kind of Meat

I don't have a heckuva lot to say about yesterday, and I haven't been to the Radio Shack yet to facilitate the posting of pictures, so this will be a short one!

We had a long but productive rehearsal. The show goes up on Friday, so we have a lot to do, but everyone's working hard and rocking it out!

I realized at lunch that I had like ¾ of the ingredients for anything I might want to make – but not all of the ingredients for anything. So I box mac 'n' cheesed it, and I'll make a quick grocery run on my lunch break today.

And for dinner, none of us wanted to feed ourselves but neither did we really communicate, so Meridith and Tess ended up at the Brewery and Stephanie and I wandered around until we found the BBQ Shack, where we ate...

...caribou sandwiches! This guy (Bob – he's lived all over Alaska, including on the Aleutian islands, and used to give tours in Skagway before he settled here and opened the restaurant) has all kind of wild meat on his menu, actually – caribou, elk, salmon, buffalo – and he says that as the season gets going he starts having a wild meat buffet, which sounds tremendously exciting. Meanwhile, the caribou had been sort of pounded into these smooth rectangular patties and put on just a regular sandwich with bbq sauce and lettuce and stuff, and it was delicious! Very savory. Stephanie and I had been on the hunt for hot dogs, and weirdly enough this sort of hit the same spot, although it was tastier/less processed.

And that's about it! Hung around the house in the evening, chatted with Michael, who's been teaching himself finger picking through the winter, who used to frequent a bar in New Orleans where all the musicians came after 2 am and jammed together, who started directing the show up here in 1984 and did so for four summers before he quit to run his Mexican restaurant in Baltimore, and then who came back up here in 1998 and stayed! What a cool cat.

And now – to rehearsal!

Haha I forgot about this picture from Juneau.

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