Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In which I eat two cupcakes, a macaron, and my fifth helping of ice cream since I left the States a week prior...

My last day in Singapore before we flew to Taiwan, I went out to explore the Marina Bay Sands mall, not because I was particularly interested in another mall, but because it had a tea house I was excited about: TWG Tea. It was a very fancy place (sort of like everything in Singapore :p), and I enjoyed sitting for solo tea. I ordered a pot of Ace of Hearts tea, a blend of red and black teas that in the menu was described as smooth and a bit floral. It was definitely smooth; not really floral; but I really enjoyed it, and it grew on me with each cup. I also ordered a vanilla bourbon tea macaron, which was a beautiful blue and had a nice subtle flavor, not too sweet, but which was a bit crushed already when it was served, which I think is disappointing and careless for such an expensive restaurant, and was actually a bit undercooked. I still enjoyed it, it was just a little squashed/smushy! And I ordered a scoop of Singapore breakfast tea ice cream, which was totally original, packed with spices and green and black tea flavors, and deliciously intriguing. (Aside from sitting in the sun, reading, and baking, and hanging out with friends) there is nothing I like more than taking tea!

After tea, and some spontaneous lingerie shopping (whoops) (never spending money again) (but they had the color bra I have been looking for for a decade!!!!!!), I headed to Haji Lane, with is a really cute commercial street in an Arabic neighborhood. I didn't have much time before I was supposed to go meet Cheryl at school, so I did a fairly efficient walk up and down the block in the rain, stopped into a little shop for a cupcake and cappuccino, and headed back out. In a massive downpour, I might add :p

 Haji Lane!
I didn't get a picture that conveys just how cute it is, sadly.

cappuccino and banana/pecan cupcake

After I hung around the Stamford American International School for a couple hours, helping Cheryl finish up some grading (work for her; novelty for me), we grabbed a quick bite of Indian food near Clarke Quay, adjacent to the studio where she was late for dance rehearsal. The meal was delicious, vegetarian, and super cheap - perfect!

And then I went home and hung around until Cheryl got home, hung out with her a bit, and went to bed - ready to fly to Taiwan in the morning!


  1. Where is picture of beautiful new bra?

  2. I didn't think to take one! After I unpack in Melbourne I'll send a pic :) Also, yes, it was splotchy and super mediocre in all ways, but I enjoyed it anyway.