Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things I Have Baked Recently

I promise not to post regularly about the boring minutia of my life. But I am so excited about dessert!

Chocolate chip cookies!
Chocolate chocolate chip cookies!
Honey ice cream! (I am aware that this did not exactly involve baking. But it did involve homemade dessert!)
Chocolate pecan bars! (Actually, Alex made those; I tutored him.)
Midnight mocha cake!
I'm thinking about making shortbread today!

Other suggestions are appreciated.

ETA: I did make shortbread. It is delicious.


  1. Toffee. I found a couple good recipes online, and I've been wanting to try it, but I haven't gotten a candy thermometer yet.

    Also, hi! (this is Skynyrd David...)

  2. Hello! I haven't talked to you in ages. What's up?

    I tried (with somewhat hilarious results) making toffee once last spring with my new candy thermometer, but then my roommate broke it. But he bought me a new one last week! So that is a great idea! I will try it soon!

  3. Chocolate Lava Cake. Recipe on "Cooking with Trader Joe's." Here:

  4. I am pretty good... trying to buy a house, actually, And we're currently experiencing a bit of whiteout/blizzard conditions over here. Pretty sweet stuff, once one gets back from driving home from work.

    So things are good in New York?