Friday, January 29, 2010

What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?*

There's this big screen up on the wall on 5th Ave. and 44th, near Best Buy. At the top it says "What do you want to do before you die?," and it is filled with people's answers; there's a smaller touch screen next to it where you can put in your answer.

I stood and looked at it for a long time. At least five people want to sky dive, and another few want to fly; lots want to go on dates with specific people or get married or fall in love or live happily with someone they love or have a loving family; two different people want to run with the bulls. One person wants to make everyone forget about Twilight (an admirable goal, if you ask me!). A few people wrote variants on "help other people." One person wants to travel to Brazil and bring back a hot boyfriend.

I want to become an FAA licensed balloon pilot.

What about you?

*Here is the website for the project: Unfortunately, it turns out to be for a pretty stupid looking MTV show about four guys road tripping and doing whatever obnoxious stuff they feel like. Maybe if the numerous shows/books/movies about this same topic ever involved anyone other than spoiled white boys - i.e. let women drive around doing the things they have always wanted to do, or anyway play any part other than being items on boys' lists, or if they involved people of color in any way at all - I would be a little more interested. That said, the project on 5th Ave. is cool, and at the website you can fill in your own to-do.

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  1. I saw that! I said that I wanted to fist fight god.