Thursday, April 22, 2010

When I Am Rich

I will make every recipe I own (and there are a lot!) (and I will probably make them in order; they are currently catalogued in one enormous binder, alphabetically within food type, printed from similarly catalogued files on my computer, plus a folder full of new as-yet uncatalogued recipes on my computer and another actual hard copy folder full of different new as-yet uncatalogued recipes) (am I a little bit obsessive-compulsive? yes.) and eat them and rate them and make notes and throw out the bad ones and put beautiful new copies of all the good ones in beautiful new even-better-organized binders and then cook them all the time!


  1. I keep telling - you should go to culinary school and become a food writer. You could even skip culinary school and just write about food.

  2. I can't afford culinary school right now! Also I am not ready to be in school. But I might like to go someday! Tom is in culinary school right now and having a blast. I wonder how one becomes a food writer?