Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coney Island/Brighton Beach

Alex and I went! On Tuesday!

We got to Coney Island, at the end of the Q line, around 2:00, as we got up late, took our time over breakfast, and then ran some errands before going (post office to pick up Long Lake Camp scores to practice and drop off Netflix; library to pick up Treason's Shore [yay! yay! yay! yay! yay! now I just have to read the whole damn thing before I go to camp!]; K-Mart to get bug spray, black flip flops, and a beach towel). We had the whole lovely afternoon in front of us!

We walked around Coney Island a little, but we were really there for the beach that day, so pretty soon we headed down to the shore, where we set up towels not too far from the waterline. Lay around, read books, chit-chatted, people-watched, ocean-watched, basked in the sun (too much, it turned out - despite multiple generous coats of sunscreen, we both burned! Alex because he is white as a sheet, me because I was almost as white myself after a New York winter - maybe next time I'll burn less, because I will be darker to start with!)... eventually frolicked in the water for a little while, which was super interesting, because the Atlantic is way way way safer than the Pacific, especially at Brighton Beach - no waves to speak of, and no undertow - and yet there were lifeguards, which I rarely see in California, and they were hyper alert! Like, calling people to come in closer at about 20 yards out (note: I have zero sense of distance and I recommend that you not trust my 20-yard estimation), only halfway to the end of the rocky outcroppings/not-exactly-piers/whatever you call those arms that extend into a water, creating a cove. I always thought New Yorkers were supposed to be tough and cavalier about danger and not babysat all the time, what with children going about the city on the subways by themselves learning to be vigilant for their own selves and all that, and so this whole beach lifeguard situation was pretty hilarious!

But fun. Super fun! We played a little Frisbee, too, although I get bored tossing a Frisbee around pretty fast, and then we walked around Coney Island some more (it is getting all renovated and everything!) and headed home!

How delightful!

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