Friday, June 11, 2010

Soulmate Visit!

Here are the awesome amazing exciting things I did with Meredith!:

When she arrived on Saturday night:
take the bus and the train from La Guardia back to Hotel CA;
eat Thai food and wander around midtown late at night;
go to bed!

go down to Battery Park and look at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (we did not go on a boat there because that takes forever and also I have done it like four times);
head up to Union Square and eat delicious delicious food at Chocolate by the Bald Man (Meredith had a turkey burger; Alex had a cheeseburger; I had chocolate chip pancakes; they all sound mundane and yet transcended, as expected! also there were dark chocolate truffle hazelnut milkshakes) and wander around Union Square Park sticking our heads in the abstract sculptures and taking exciting pictures;
go all the way up to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park at like 200th St., wander the paths up the hill by the river to the museum proper, enter, wander through 10-16th C. halls and rooms and artwork and courtyards and fountains and flowers and warm drizzly rain and look out at the soothing soothing river in the gleeful sweat of the day until our feet throbbed and our hair drooped;
travel down to the Hungarian bakery near Columbia and buy not very good pastries and eat them in a little courtyard outside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and consider painting ourselves oxidized copper green and posing for hours on top of the statue in the middle of the courtyard and frightening people;
explore said cathedral, including the funnest playground ever and also the Biblical Garden, which is home to a peacock we spent 20 minutes stalking and photographing;
head back to Sunnyside, eat at the Turkish Grill on Queens Blvd., which Alex and Meredith loved but I didn't, but I think I just don't like Turkish food that much;
go to bed!

head into town to go shopping, which involved walking around 5th Ave., which involved Meredith buying a $95 watch, and which shopping also involved an expedition into H&M during which Meredith bought a stylish black and white striped top and I bought a flowy red halter and some denim shorts for camp and also a detour to Aerosoles, where Alex was hard at work and where I tried on purple strappy heels and then Alex bought them for me because he is super great and also a trip down to Nordstrom Rack in Union Square, where we did not buy anything;
but before Union Square, sandwiches at Toasties, which is near Rock Center, and Meredith's was delicious and mine was ok;
walk out to Veniero's, a bakery recommended to Meredith by Imran, where we bought a fruit tart and a slice of chocolate cake and a slice of New York cheesecake layered with chocolate mousse, the last of which was incredibly delicious and well plotted (the mousse! and the cheesecake! go so well together! amazing!) and the first of which was also apparently delicious, which I only know second hand because I do not like fruit, and the second of which was ok;
travel to St. Mark's place and pick the cleanest, cutest, non-threatening-est piercing place for Meredith to get a second hole in her I think left lobe, during which time I was almost talked into getting another piercing also, which I ultimately decided against because I did not want to spend the money;
go back home to change into our fun semiformal attire, which involved a cute cream and black dress and black leggings and heels for Meredith and my cream halter chiffon-y graduation dress and flip flops soon to be replaced by my new purple for me;
pick up Alex and also my shoes at Aerosoles;
go up to Harlem for some Manna's Soul Food Buffet and Salad Bar, which charges by the pound and is so delicious and which happens to be the exact place Carla and I stumbled across when we were here on Satellite! and eat macaroni and cheese and Jamaican jerk chicken and fried plantains and bread pudding and other mouthwatering delicacies;
head towards Swing 46, where we were planning to dance the night away in our fun semiformal attire, only to decide that as drinks will be expensive there we should buy our own across the street beforehand, only to take a detour to the Blockheads plaza and sit outside drinking gin and ginger ale for several hours and never make it to Swing 46 but have a thoroughly enjoyable evening anyway and then go home at like 1 in the morning and go to bed!

visit the World Trade Center site, which is a lot of rubble and some construction, as it was when I visited it five years ago;
walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I never tire of;
not eat at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, because it is closed on Tuesdays, lackaday, but instead;
eat at Lombardi's in Little Italy at Spring and Mott Streets, which is not transcendent the way Di Fara is but which is nevertheless a very fine specimen of a pizza joint, and at which we enjoyed an excellent large pizza with sweet Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, and dollops of ricotta on top;
ride our foodly comatose selves up to Central Park, the northerly half, which I had not previously explored, beginning with looking at the Met for about five seconds and not going in, followed by walking around the Jackie Onassis Reservoir, going to the bathroom at the North Meadow Rec Center, and wandering through the beautiful, wild North Woods until Meredith's feet got too tired and we made our way east out of the park, but not buying any concessions from any vendors anywhere along the way, because the Central Park Conservancy makes money from that and the Central Park Conservancy is basically the devil;
walk through a theatrical festival in East Harlem near the Conservatory Garden, and proceed to wander through the neighborhood looking for frozen yogurt because that was all Meredith wanted for dinner, until we finally found a Tasti D Lite down at like 94th St. (two miles and we end up at a chain!), which was indeed tasti and dliteful;
show up at UCB 10 minutes before the doors opened and still manage to get in to see I think five improv groups do heralds (a form of longform improv), some of them kind of awkward and unfunny but some of them a riot and generally quite impressive, during which show we gradually moved ourselves from standing room to sitting in front of a bunch of seats to sitting in vacated seats, which we regarded as quite a coup;
go to bed!

Saturday morning:
go to the 42nd St. Port Authority and hug goodbye! She was headed to D.C. to hang out with her other great friend Michelle, who is great but whom I must admit to resenting this week because I fully do not support Meredith splitting her time evenly between us because I would have preferred to have the whole week with her! But that is ok, because this way I at least got some work done this week and caught up on the news, and Meredith is getting to see D.C., where she has never been! And also I saw Concrete Blonde last night and holy shit they blew my mind and also Alex's, even though he didn't even want to be there at first, even though he bought a ticket in a fit of wanting the night before, even though he didn't really know their music! Anyway, Johnette is a god! Also, I miss Meredith already. But also, I have a radio and on Saturday I will listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for the second week in a row! My life is great.

As you can see, we did many many things. Meredith told me ahead of time that she was a very efficient tourist, and she was proved correct! And yet there are so many things we did not get done! She will just have to visit again, I guess :p

She took many many pictures. When she gets home and posts them on facebook, I will post select highlights on this here glob! Oh boy.

The End


  1. you did many of the things that I have been thinking we should have done when I was there. What I really want to do is go in the library!! And also the museums. And also the central park (but not to purchase from the vendors). And and and...

  2. fried plantains sound SO GOOD! i miss those!

  3. come visit! we will go eat them!