Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have begun a post about my adventures with my mother, but I have not yet finished it.

In the meantime, Alex's birthday is tomorrow, but I leave for Jew Conference in the morning, so we celebrated today! After he got home from work, I took him out to brgr for dinner, which is a Petey's-priced burger restaurant on 26th and 7th with grass-fed beef. It was delicious! We'll be back there, for sure.

And then we came home and he finished reading Lady Wednesday and I finished reading Bitch Magazine (my favorite!) and I took him into the kitchen to see his cake!

I was going to make my birthday cake,
Aunt Carolyn's recipe,
but I didn't have German Sweet Chocolate
and I thought I would have to go all the way to TJ's
to get it.

So I made this generic chocolate cake
(although it has chopped pecans in it!)
with four layers and two kinds of icing!
Alex really likes generic cake, fortunately :)
It can be very useful and gratifying
having a boyfriend with no taste in dessert.
But actually, it is a pretty good cake,
if I do say so myself.

Now that I have finished that poem of a caption, on with the story!

We lit the candles in kitchen (24 of them!) and then he went to wait unassumingly in the dark library while I carried it in singing "Happy Birthday" (he sang the last few phrases with me, in harmony).

Make a wish!

What a lovely evening!

And now, for a tantalizing preview* of the post about last week with my mother...

Sunnyside's gourmet scene

*I can't give you a preview yet of my CSJO post, because I haven't even left yet! But I am excited, and you should be too.


  1. what a beautiful picture of the lit cake.
    I like the idea of Alex singing in harmony on his own birthday song.

  2. mmmm chinese tacos -- this is lissa on cassie's computer