Sunday, May 2, 2010


I haven't blogged in 9 days! How appalling! It is because I am typing so much for my job, so then when I finish each day I don't want to get back on the computer. But I have a few days off (I take my days off when Alex gets his days off), so here I go!

Today Alex's sister-in-law Tara came to visit! She is doing a project in Jersey and had the day off. We picked her up at Penn Station; showed her where we lived on the Satellite program; and got an excellent lunch at a diner near Ripley-Grier (I had red velvet pancakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting; Alex had a three-cheese-burger; Tara had a Reuben and also super super delicious sweet potato fries. I love love love sweet potato fries soooooo much). After that, Alex took her home and then to the East River while I played the piano for callbacks at Ripley-Grier for a new musical, Cat Gets Credit Card (there is no need to ask me what it's about) and the subwayed down to Houston for my first weekly gig accompanying a cabaret-type show in the back room of a bar (it was the first weekly gig, but the third time I've worked with this guy). It turned out that no singers were coming, so he paid me anyway and I left, making it back up to midtown around 5:20, just in time to meet Alex and Tara at Penn Station and see her off! A delightful day :)

Soon I will post about yesterday; there will be lots of pictures involved!

In the meantime, here's just one picture to tide you over. I finally bought a hair dryer yesterday on the way home, and while reading the instructions, happened on one in particular that puzzled and pleased me; please make note of #7:



  1. we have this great spicy sweet potato recipe - like oven-fries

  2. red velvet pancakes are just chocolate pancakes!

  3. You had cake for lunch! In Cory Doctorow's The Makers (his latest book), he describes the breakfasts you get at IHOP as candy. Your lunch was cake.

  4. Debby, can you send me the recipe, please?

    Yes, I did have cake for lunch, and it was delicious! I thought they would just be chocolate, but they didn't taste chocolate. They had that particular taste that some red velvet things have and some don't. They were great!