Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Have Not

posted much of anything recently because I have not done much of anything recently! This is because after that lovely long weekend where I did many things, I was sick for four days, and then I was catching up with typing and staying inside so as not to cough and cleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaning the apartment like a madwoman, and also reading a lot and watching movies.


Do not fear! I will return with adventures galore in the blink of an eye, for soon my mother will arrive and we will carry on in an exciting fashion!


After that, I go to Jew conference, about which I feel sure there will be much to tell!


It will be Alex's birthday soon! Perhaps we will do something exciting.


Meredith's and Ethel's upcoming June visits, a Concrete Blonde concert in three weeks, and the assuredly crazy time I will have packing for camp!

Soon, before your very eyes, this blog will burgeon - burgeon, I tell you! - with more excitement than any one person can reasonably handle! Prepare yourselves!

P.S. I did bake this week, so that is something noteworthy! Plain muffins and cocoa apple cake and maple walnut bars with maple cream cheese frosting. Alex joined me in making the latter two! It was fun. I love to bake.

maple walnut bar with maple cream cheese frosting,
cut into a beautiful diamond!


  1. i hope i can handle the excitement!!!!!! i'm preparing!!!!!!!!

    there is so much to catch up on. phone call asap.