Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Shake Shack

On Monday, Alex and I went to the Shake Shack! Tom was going to come, but then was too busy getting ready for Jamie's arrival (Jamie! is here! until tomorrow!).

The Shake Shack, if you don't remember from my brief mentions of it in previous entries, is a restaurant consisting of a big kiosk where the cashiers and cooks work, and a pavilion where patrons eat, located in lovely and very green Madison Square Park. It has a reputation for absurdly long lines (like, 2 hours long); Alex and I figured that it probably wasn't worth that kind of a line, but that we should make an adventure of it and see what the fuss was all about.

Monday was warm but the night before had been wet, and we went about 3:00 (after I played for Leigh down at NYU), so the line was actually only 10 minutes or so, plus another 10 minutes before the little prop they gave us vibrated and we went to the window to pick up our food. We both got Shackburgers (aka cheeseburgers with standard stuff on them); he got a chocolate shake and fries; I got a chocolate shake with sprinkles and Valrhona chocolate chunks and hot fudge sauce mixed in.

The burgers were small - the buns were maybe 2 1/2 inches in diameter? - which explained why they were only five bucks each. They were reasonably good - better than fast food, nowhere near as good as Petey's, priced almost exactly in between. So that's fair.

The shakes were delicious on first tasting but grew steadily less appealing as the sugar and salt they were loaded with became more noticeable; Alex didn't even finish his, although that might have been because he was trying to help me finish mine (to no avail), even though they were only reasonably sized.

The fries were great.

So that's the Shake Shack!

Afterwards, we went to Forever 21 and I bought two cheap, light spaghetti strap shirts and two bright and exciting and comfortable and lightweight spring/summer dresses! All for $40. I love Forever 21! A whole summer wardrobe, marginally within my price range! Yay!

If you videochat with me, you may even get to see me model them for you ;P

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