Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Did I mention that I made bagels on Friday?

I made bagels on Friday.

(So did Ya'el, it turns out!)

I made mine with a recipe I had scribbled down on binder paper, which I think Debby had dictated over the phone to me a year or so ago. Don't know what cookbook it's from!

They turned out big-holed and thin, because the holes didn't fill in like I expected when they rose the second time, and then in fact expanded enormously when they were boiled, but exactly like bagels should be: light, chewey, easy to cut, and smothered in egg wash, onion, and sesame and poppy seeds.

We have all been eating them with cream cheese!

Except for two of them.

Two of them were used yesterday, in Alex's and my 4 PM brunch eggs benedict endeavor, which involved delicious freezer-burned bacon, awesome poached eggs, and an absolutely perfect, beautiful, thick, buttery, lightly pungent, entirely fabulous yellow Hollandaise sauce I whisked up and then ruined by trying to reheat, but which we poured all over the eggs anyway and which was frickin' delicious.

I love food.

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  1. The first (and, come to think of it, only) time I made bagels they also came out big-holed and thin. They looked like ring-toss rings.