Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today Alex and Jamie went to Music Man auditions, which was fun! Anyway, the audition part itself was (I hate the sitting around in a room full of fancily made up stressed out actors part). I wore one of my new flowery dresses and sang "Sweet Thursday," and did a good job (I think) but did not get a callback. Jamie and Alex both were asked to come back for the dance call tomorrow - I am so proud of them! Jamie can't make it, because she has to go back to her tour, but Alex is trying to get two hours off work in the afternoon so that he can go. I hope he can! He is perfect for that show, and also he loves it, and also it is my favorite show, and also it is time for him to stop selling shoes already and get a life.

Anyway, afterwards, Jamie went home for a nap and Alex and I went and sat in the sun in Central Park near Columbus Circle for 45 minutes until he had to go to work, at which point I walked down 8th a little ways and found a deli at which I ate a mediocre $8 roast beef sandwich on not very good (or sourdough-y) sourdough. Then I had two hours until I had to meet Leigh to practice for her juries (which are Friday morning), so I.... started walking. Walked down 8th to 29th and then headed for Madison Square Park, where I rested and drank cold Shake Shack water for 20 minutes before walking down Broadway to 4th St., where NYU is. I figure three miles - plus other bits of walking to and from the subway - three and a half miles today! I feel like I'm exercising again, sort of!

Seriously, though, all the walking does make me feel a lot better at the end of the day, given that I have barely been exercising since I got here, except for the occasional tap session at Ripley Grier or run around the block, or the two times I used my workout dance video. I've been walking a lot this week, including all around with Alex and Tara, and all around on the subway stop project, and all the way around the cemetery (which I think has about a 3 mile perimeter, and all the way down Greenpoint. I hope to keep it up!


  1. important people in the department watch everyone sing at the end of the year. the students present a list of six songs - they pick one, and the important people pick one.

  2. does this mean you are done working for Leigh for this school year? is she coming back next year?