Sunday, September 25, 2011

Subway Stop Project, Part 1: The 6, Episode 2: Tulip Season again, a year later, because we are really slow about this project it turns out

So back in like June, Alex and I continued our subway stop project a little bit, along the 6 line heading first downtown to the end of the line, then beginning to head uptown.

I documented via photographs, which means that I don't remember exactly what stop each picture is off of (we walked several blocks around each stop, trying to head into neighborhoods we hadn't seen before even if we'd previously used that stop), but they're still nice, and I did take pictures of intersections when I wanted to remember where a particular store or restaurant was!

We started by getting off at Astor, as the first picture clearly demonstrates:

Astor is where I used to get off when I worked down at NYU a bunch.

A quick internet search reminds me that Grace Church, in the following picture, is on Broadway between 10th and 11th, so we must have wandered slightly north from Astor.

Anyway, this restaurant must have looked delicious to me, as I documented it carefully:

I guess I'll have to eat there sometime!

We passed a florist shop and I wondered what these very exciting flowers are:

We passed a neat little cobblestone side street...

And evidence that the food truck market has broadened considerably...

We must have gotten back on the train at some point, hitting Bleecker and then Spring St., because the next pics are at

where we ate a $6 slice of what was advertised as "the best chocolate cake in the world."

It was pretty good, actually.

I also made a note to myself to come back to this place,

because I am weirdly obsessed with crepe places, for no good reason, as they are usually not even that delicious.

Judging by the pictures and my rough memory, we walked from Spring down to Canal, during which time I logged several exciting looking places I wanted to return to and check out at a later date.

(Cleveland and Kenmare)

(Lafayette and Broome)

(Lafayette and Kenmare)

(Baxter and Walker)

Also, exciting seafood.

We got back on at Canal St. and headed down to City Hall, the end of the line.

As usual, I can be counted on to take many pictures of flowers.

Also, of cute people under cute umbrellas.

Alex and I wondered if this is where the first Duane Reade opened.

But then it started to rain, so I snapped a few final pictures and we headed home!

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  1. I don't think I've seen NYC Manhattan city hall. So thanks. Wishing I could come visit, but starting a new job... However, I have lots of PTO so maybe early next year... and we can hit up some of those restaurants.