Sunday, September 25, 2011

Subway Stop Project, Part 1: The 6, Episode 3: Uptown in June

Also, we went up town. I took many fewer pictures, because the Upper East Side by the park is just not that interesting.

There were a couple hilariously detailed stubbly mannequins.

Also, a mannequin baby in like a three thousand dollar car seat or something.

Also, a great looking joint I would like to hit up some day.

If I remember correctly (doubtful), we skipped 51st and Lex, because we'd walked around there before (the York theatre is in that area), and hit 59th and Lex, 68th, 77th, and maybe 86th. Then we got pizza and went home. I vaguely remember being tired and crabby, but having a good time anyway! I think Alex bought me lunch.

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