Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Things

1. These cookies:

Caramel-drizzled Cardamon Palmiers
(another one from Alice Medrich)

B. I cut most of them wrong because the directions were confusing. However, the wrongly cut ones were doughier and I think better than the rightly cut pretty ones. But they were much harder to flip on the pan when it came time.
C. The sugar on top clearly does not turn into caramel.
D. Amanda loves them. I thought they do a good job doing what they are supposed to do, but they're not really what I look for in a cookie.
E. I had something else to say but Alex came in and talked to me and I forgot.

2. New friend Emily thought of this latke trick: When squeezing potato/onion, use cheesecloth! This results in significantly less droppage of potato into sink.

P.S. Blogger posting seems to be in working order again. Mystery unsolved but no longer relevant.


  1. But you should drain the latke stuff into a bowl, let it sit and then scoop out the potato flour that settles to the bottom and put it into the latke stuff. It makes them very crispy.

  2. I've never had trouble with crispiness, but that is a neat idea and I'll try it next time!