Friday, December 23, 2011

Foodity Food Food

Fudgy peanut butter bars:

Very similar to peanut butter oat bars. Not quite as good (in my opinion), but marginally quicker and easier to whip up, so good for a party where you realize you're short on dessert!


I remember polenta being delicious, but this recipe I followed the other day not only about took off my arms stirring but is so bland that it actually tastes like you're eating nothing.

Scalloped potatoes:

Always a joy.

Leftover latke oil:

Good for frying many things.

Grilled cheese becomes...

...oil-drenched double deliciousness!


  1. Please send recipe for Peanut butter Oat bards.

  2. bards is better.
    Try baked herby polenta which is a recipe we have. ANyway, polenta is bland. Unless you put herbs and chees.