Friday, November 19, 2010

Bangor Life

I thought I should give y'all some pics of my Bangor life!

So here are a few of my suite at the Charles Inn...

I have so much space!

And here is the Penobscot Theatre!

It is beautiful and large!

Rehearsals have been going really well. The music is very hard, but it sounds great when it clicks! The cast and staff are delightful, and the show is going to be really fun. I get to sit at a baby grand on a big platform upstage center, and they are going to put me in a sparkly gown!

I have been taking advantage of the theatre's deal with the ymca and working out regularly, so I feel great. The weather is brisk but not too cold; for the last few days I haven't even needed to wear my coat! It's supposed to snow after Thanksgiving, which should be exciting. Alex is coming to visit on monday, and we are invited to Thanksgiving at the house of one of the production manager, which should be lovely. So basically, it is pretty neat here!

I have also been taking advantage of the gorgeous, enormous public library!

These are just pictures of the first floor!
There are three floors,
and each floor is very large!
They have so many stacks!

And yet, the library is not my favorite building in town.

Here is my favorite building in town:


  1. Have you had any franciscan baked goods yet?

  2. Shoshana! This sounds wonderful!! I am so happy for you!!!