Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've had better luck with my sourdough in the last week! Before I came to maine, of course.

Here are a couple loaves I made after babying my starter for a week or two - keeping it on the warm oven, feeding it totally faithfully, making sure it's cloth cover isn't askew:

Aren't they beautiful? And they taste exactly like sourdough should! The crusts aren't as perfect as commercial crusts, but that's because I don't have the right tools - a stone bread baking bowl, for example - and other than that, they're exactly what I want in my sourdough loaves!

Here is the recipe.

I also left my roommates with a couple loaves of this bread - I used half white flour and half whole wheat - which, if you double the recipe but bake it all in one pan as one loaf, makes this big, delicious loaf with a fluffily uneven crumb, perfect for sandwiches or toast. I've been eating it toasted with cream cheese for breakfast!



  1. Beautiful! Did you just start baking bread when you moved to NY?

  2. Thank you! I baked a couple loaves in my time at Irvine, but not often. I started doing it regular-like in NY.