Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello! Here I am in Bangor, maine!

Bangor is super cute. Suuuuper cute. Scott (the artistic director at Penobscot, the theater where I'm working) said to me as he drove me on a little tour of the town, "I like to say that Bangor has one of everything - and only one of anything. But it's enough!" He seems to be right. There's a Thai place, a Chinese place, a kosher bagel place (although the bagels there are weird), an Italian place, an American place, a Pakistani place, a cafe... you get the picture. There's a gym (the Y), a library (the biggest per-capita circulating library in the US), a toy store, a window-shade store, a clothing store, a post office, the airport, and a celebrity house (Stephen King, of course!). And of course a theater.

I ate at the bagel place for lunch on monday when I arrived in town (the bagels are soft, like bread - maybe they don't boil them? that's what Debby and I think) and the Thai place for dinner (mmmmmmmmm delicious! the rice pudding for dessert - exactly perfect!); I'm staying at the hotel two blocks from the theater (of course, everything is two blocks away in downtown Bangor): The Charles Inn, maine's first art gallery hotel! Which seems to mean that they put up some local art in the lobby. It's very cute, actually, clean and pretty and recently renovated. I have a suite on the top (fourth) floor (so fancy!): my bedroom with desk and my living room/kitchenette with extra chest of drawers, large coffee table, and four-person dining room table. I'll post pictures soon! I mean, it's your generic nice-ish hotel room, but it feels homey and pleasant, and I've never had this much space to myself before! It's a little peculiar, but there are things to like about it.

Rehearsals are fun; everyone here is great. One of the actors, it turns out, lives just a block away from me in Sunnyside, which is neat. I have a lot of time this morning before rehearsal at 3, so I'm going to stop blogging now and finish up a couple letters and then venture outside into this beautiful sunny day, my first free and un-exhausted block of time in which to explore!

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