Monday, May 5, 2014

In which Friday is utterly lovely

Friday was just the loveliest day! It's been getting warmer and sunnier every day, and Friday was darn close to my ideal summer day. I could use another five degrees, of course, because I like that oven feeling, but really it was just about perfect.

First of all, we opened the show! The house was small – about 20 people – for the 10:30 show, but they were loving it. Meridith and Tess, who are currently playing the whores “Molly Phewclothes” and “Squirreltooth Alice,” get to pull an older guy up on stage every show and do a couple numbers with him. I've made myself a little game where I try to predict whom they'll pick, and so far I'm three for three! The 10:30 guy just stood there and grinned himself silly the whole time; it was super cute. The guy at the second show was a little chattier but still well-behaved and having a good time. And both of their families were psyched! Show #1 we pretty much nailed; show #2, at 2:30, was a little sloppier despite our best efforts, but the audience (30-something for that one!) still had a great time.

Second of all, in between shows, Meridith and I couldn't pass up the totally beautiful, warm sunshine, so we took a walk down to the dock after lunch and sat by the water with our books, reading a bit and chatting a bit and looking at the canal and the Carnival ship docked there. (The ferry dock is not the same as the cruise ship dock, if you're wondering how it's possible for the ships to be coming in!) So that was delightful – plus, on our walk to the dock, we stopped in the jewelry store where our flatmate Nikki works. While we were chatting with her, she called over her manager, Andre, who got to know us a little bit... and then gave us each a pair of forget-me-not earrings! We were totally shocked. I mean, I'm sure they're not a big deal in the scheme of a giant store full of $10,000 rings, and I'm sure he hopes we'll walk around town telling everyone we got these cute earrings from that store. But it was still really sweet, and now we have lovely earrings for free! With the Alaska state flower! That makes two free pairs of cute earrings in two days, actually - Allison bought us all earrings color-coordinated with our costumes, so we can wear them during the show.

Third of all, after the shows, Meridith and Tess and Stephanie and I took another walk around town. We picked up a bunch of postcards – I sent twelve, so lots of you should expect them soon! – and got ice cream cones from the Kone Kompany, which we ate in the sun on a bench in front of Bites on Broadway. We stopped in a few stores in between, getting to know assorted locals and summer-locals. They'll show up in a People of Skagway post!

Fourth of all, after we went home and ate some dinner – I made grilled cheese with a few bacon strips that Michael donated to me!, and fried it in bacon! – we went out to the BrewCo for a couple beers. At the BrewCo, we ran into our pilot, Chris! He stopped to chat with Tess and me, since he remembered us (mostly her, but a little bit me) from sitting co-pilot with him. After a few minutes, he offered to take us flying for free anytime he has an extra seat or an off-shift! He said he would take us to Juneau or around the glaciers! Tess got his number so we can get in touch. But then she looked for it this morning and she had forgotten to save it! Fortunately, he came to the show today, as he said he would, and she got it again :)

Fifth of all, after the BrewCo, we remembered that one of the women we met in the shops had mentioned that the house she and the other workers in the shop were staying in had been overfull of stuff, and they had put a bunch of it outside on the lawn for anyone to take. So we headed up to 12th St. and found the house with a bunch of stuff on the lawn... and grabbed some of it to take home! We'd been wanting a few more pieces of furniture, since there aren't enough chairs in the kitchen for all of us, and there's no living room or anything for us to hang out in, so we were thinking about putting a couch or something in my room, which is the biggest. So Meridith and Stephanie grabbed a chair, Tess grabbed another chair, I picked up an ottoman, and Bill carried a little table/shelving unit for Meridith's room, which had no surfaces in it!

And that was the whole day! Next up - People of Skagway, restaurants I've been trying, and our very first day off!

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  1. I would like to see a picture of your costume and of your forget-me-not earrings.