Thursday, May 1, 2014

In which we walk through town to the dock!

Yesterday was just the most beautiful day!!

We had a super productive rehearsal - finished cleaning the show and got through two run-throughs - so they freed us way early, at 4:30, for the rest of the day.

The gals and I decided to take a walk through town, and on the way we ran into Renee (she's local now, but also in the cast), who suggested a little trail out of town, to Yakutania Point.

I think I mentioned how strange and empty (and historical) the town seems. Here are a couple pics to illustrate!

 empty streets of Skagway

 and the mountains looming, surrounding!

 Some of the storefronts are still completely empty.

Actually, we've learned that the cruise ships own a number of the shops - particularly the jewelry shops - that line the streets closer to the dock. I suspect that those are the ones that are completely empty still. The Skagway locals and other Alaskans who own the other shops have mostly started setting up already, plus I expect some of their merchandise lives there year-round (instead of being shipped off to the Caribbean or whatever). Most of them have little signs in their windows that say things like "Alaskan-owned store" or "locally owned for three generations." It's easy to tell anyway, though, since you can go in and chat with the workers and the owners!

 The ice cream shop - The Kone Kompany - where I've already met two of the workers!
I've bought fudge from their twice,
and once the weather warm I can't wait to 
start on the ice cream!

 This isn't open yet, but I am excited to try it when it is!

This facade was just too weird and cool not to take a picture of!

We ended up down at the dock, passing by the little railway (which we'll definitely have to take one day!).

 Train! I love trains!

 Lookin' back towards town!

Here's the zoom-out.
Incredible, right?

When we got to the edge of town, there was the sunken ferry dock! Word around town (I stole that phrase from Meridith's awesome blog) is that they're working on raising it and repairing it now, and it should possibly be fixed by May 9th.

The dock! It sank!

Ok, now I have to start rehearsal. Next post I'll actually get to our little hike to Yakutania point! And eventually I'll post the whole album on facebook. I took a TON of pictures - I've been very restrained here on this blog!


The view from my bedroom windows!

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  1. You know, things are just gonna get more and more beautiful as all the trees turn green for the summer! MOUNTAINS