Sunday, May 11, 2014

People of Skagway, II

Aysha works in some or other gift shop round about 4th St. and Broadway. Curly dirty blonde hair, here for the summer with her girlfriend! She is the one who pointed us to the spare furniture on the curb on on 12th St. the other day.

Andre is the manager in the Gold Rush Jewelry store, where Nikki (our flatmate) works. He gave us forget-me-not earrings! Other workers there are Eddie and Alex, and Ali the guy who sets the jewels.

Delaney and Michaela are twins (Michaela has the bigger forehead-freckle) and work in the Kone Kompany with Ashley and John.

Cathy owns the jewelry store closest to the theatre and has the best dog in the world, a fluffy spaniel-type something or other named Louie. Adam also works there and is friends with Mike, who owns a dog named Barley and also a brewery uptown. Other workers there - Mary (older and tan and blonde) and Megan, and a few others whose names I didn't catch.

Katie works at the popcorn store!

Bud and Eve were hanging out in Bites on Broadway; Eve owns the dog camp in Dyea.

Charles owns the glass shop adjacent to Bites!

Will is the border crossing guy. We actually met him briefly when we stopped at the rec center during our day 1 tour, but we re-met him today in Bites.

Jean owns the Russian Christmas and Yarn store adjacent to Broadway Bites. She has shoulder-length, wavy gray hair and a son who lived in Brooklyn for a long time but just bought a house near Westchester. She encouraged me to learn to knit.

Joanie owns the art and gift shop across the street, where her nephew Steve also works.

Douglas works at the library and recommended some history books. He is also a DJ for the Skagway radio station, and a guide on the Streetcar Tours. We're headed to his place for a cookout tonight!

Josh works at the hardware store and has lived here for a year, although his buddy started telling him to move here 7 years ago. He said he shoulda listened.

Miss Bee used to be a can-can dancer decades ago. We met her in Bites, and she said we should peer into her cabin up near Carcross. We also met her daughter at a campfire in Dyea last night!

Cathy runs the lodge up in Dyea and is determined that Dyea be given its due as the original gold rush town in the area. She was so welcoming to us. But you'll get more about that later! She and Michael are old friends.

Grandma Jenny is beloved by all and knits things for everyone in the winter. She's in Michael's group advocating for a new senior center, and Michael says he gets her to do the presenting to the Skagway City Council when he needs something to get done, because no one can say no to her!

And I know there are more, but they're escaping my mind right now! Some of these people will appear again in stories from the last few days (there's a lot to tell, actually, and I'm excited to get it down :)); some of them may never appear again on this blog. But I've been enjoying meeting them and taking notes!

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