Saturday, May 3, 2014

In which we hike to Yakutania Point

The hike to Yakutania Point was fun and beautiful! 

First, on our way out, we saw this cool multi-story birdhouse flagpole.

Anyway, the hike to Yakutania Point can really only barely be described as a hike, since it was probably about a quarter of a mile and very easy. But we crossed over a bridge...

...and found ourselves on a dirt trail instead of pavement, and surrounded by trees! 

We could occasionally peer through for a glimpse of the Lynn Canal.

We've been meeting lovely dogs all over town, and the trail was no exception. One older man with glasses and a cane – he looks like an interesting guy – came down the trail with his chocolate brown dog George. And when we got to the Point, there was a family hanging around finishing up a picnic, with two friendly dogs, Bailey and I forget the other one's name. Most of the dogs around here are big but super friendly and well-trained – the best kind! We stood around for a while making conversation, petting the dogs, and looking out at the water, but then the mosquitoes were coming out, so we headed home. 

Yakutania Point

It was the first time we'd really gotten to explore at all – and the first time I got much exercise of any kind, since the other gals can-can themselves silly but I just sit on my ass at the piano for hours – so it was really nice.

Anyway, I've typed up a bunch more stories to post here, but this seems like the natural finish for this point, so I'll close here and save the rest for another day! Although I may get behind in the storytelling here, since tonight we'll be going over to Jon and Teegan's for dinner, tomorrow we're going on a hike, and Wednesday we're going to Whitehorse! Oh, well. I'm sure I'll catch up someday :) Plus, now that I've figured out that I can use my iPad as a personal wifi hotspot for my computer, I should be able to post more often again. Ttyl!

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