Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Full Course Meal, All Told

So a few days ago - whichever day the Oscars were - I made Nana's Parker House Rolls (i.e. my father's grandmother's rolls, recipe given me by my Aunt Carolyn). I was nervous, because they are basically the most delicious thing on the planet when Aunt Carolyn makes them, and I wanted them to be delicious when I made them too. Fortunately, they were! They were entirely delicious!

I ate four of them hot out of the oven, with lots of butter, as did Alex; then we brought them over to Jamie's friend Amanda's apartment, where Jamie and Amanda and Amanda's friend Courtney (who, it turns out, did the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe tour with Jeff P., who was a grad student at UCI until last year. Talk about the small world of theatre...) each had one. We left one at home for Tom. Everybody loved them - a smashing success!

Amanda had made Indian chicken curry, which was delicious, and we ate that and watched the Oscars, which are mostly boring but entertaining in the right company, which this was. Highlights: Mo'Nique's speech; Kathryn Bigelow winning best director/picture; when that lady Kanye'd that dude (she did it, and all of us pretty much at the same time went, "wtf? she totally just kanye'd that guy!" and then everybody else on the internet called it that too, which was funny).

Then today after doing a little job searching on the internet, getting a haircut (yay! actually, she cut it shorter than I asked and didn't do the layers how I asked, but it looks pretty good anyway, and it does the trick), and doing the laundry, I made coconut cream (creme?) pie, as per Jamie's request! I used the pie crust that had been sitting in the freezer for two weeks, which involved some hilarious rejuvenating endeavors, but I think it worked out ok, although the pie won't be chilled enough to try for another hour and a half. In the meantime, I have potatoes-layered-with-other-things (namely onions, flour, salt, pepper, cheddar, parmesan, a smattering of feta, two egg whites leftover from the pie, and a cup or so of milk) cobbled together from three recipes involving potatoes-layered-with-other-things-and-then-baked. I can't imagine that they won't come out scrumptious (I've used "delicious" too many times in this post - I need me some synonyms, yo!), but we will see!

New haircut! Blurry pic taken courtesy of my phone camera!

Awkward alarmed cow pic also taken courtesy of my phone camera! Thanks, phone camera!


  1. number one, you have a thesaurus of your very own.
    number two, that is how I make those potatoes, too. you can put in spots of sausage too :)
    three, what does it mean she kanye'd the guy? ("I don't know what that means.")

  2. I don't know what Kanye's means either. I watched also . I was glad Hurt Locker won and also Jeff bridges although Jeremy Remmer was terrific.

  3. Debby and Mrs. Seid: As in how at the Grammies Kanye West (whom President Obama called a jackass - best part of the whole incident) took the mic away from the winner during her acceptance speech to say that someone else should have one.

  4. Thanks. NOw, which lady kanye'd which dude?