Saturday, March 20, 2010


I appear to be beginning to again practice a habit I picked up my last year in Irvine: Sitting in the sun. I'm gonna take a guess and say that for five or six days out of every seven, for at least three months running, last spring, I sat out in my patio chair and red sunglasses and read distractedly in the sun on the wide sidewalk in front of the Rabbit Hole for at least an hour, usually more. It was my favorite thing to do during that time.

Yesterday and today I have gone out to Lance Corporal Thomas P. Noonan Playground (the little blacktop park three blocks from the HC ["the HC," for "Hotel California" of course, is what I'm tentatively trying out as the convenient nickname for my apartment, as of now]), wearing my red sunglasses and flip-flops, and sat out in a bench in the sun and read distractedly (well, yesterday I was pretty focused; today I was eavesdropping on the couple next to me, who had something mean to say about everyone but at least seemed to have good politics). It's supposed to be warm again tomorrow, and then rain Monday and Tuesday, but as the spring and summer pick up (happy spring, by the way!), I expect I'll spend a lot of time out there. It is my favorite thing to do, after all (and fortunately it is free).

I'd better go buy some more sunscreen.

The other thing I want to do, now that it is spring, is fill the apartment with flowers. I want to live in a flower home. The walls are earth tones, and calming - but it is time for them to bloom.

The rainbow in Noonan Playground.
(I don't know why it is so small, when the other pictures taken on my phone aren't.)
(Oh, wait, I bet it has something to do with zooming in, which I did.)

I read novels and write postcards in the sun.

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