Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updates :)

Jamie's friend Suzi just came and stayed with us for a week. It was pretty fun. Suzi is British and has the best accent and has been living in Paris working at Paris Disney for the last four years and worked with Jamie on her cruise ship. Suzi is great. She left just yesterday.

Last night, Alex and Tom and Jamie and I were coming home from Petey's Burgers, which is a delicious little burger place in Astoria that is reputed to be the In 'n' Out of the East Coast (verdict: Petey's is more expensive than In 'n' Out - burgers run about $6-$7; the first time we went there, the patties were kind of dry, but since then they have been moist and delicious; In 'n' Out has better sauce; Petey's provides more substantial burgers), and we saw, taped up to be thrown away, three big boards, maybe 3'x5', with ads on them for maybe Target or maybe H&M or somewhere similar. One of them is red with silver print and says "sugar and spice you sure look nice gifts back here at your favorite price"; the other two picture screaming female profiles. Now we have a decorated apartment!

Also up on the walls are the two maps my mother sent me, and a nice arrangement of pictures of Jamie dressed up as Mickey Mouse. I am pleased with the decorating progress, although I am also highly cautious about putting anything up, for reason of not wanting it to turn into the Rabbit Hole, which was great for a year and a half but made me super claustrophobic by the end.

We are sort of haphazardly trying to come up with a name for this place btdubs! Any suggestions?

Anyway, other than those fun times, I have mostly just been sitting at home rereading Keys to the Kingdom, in preparation for the last one coming out, and emailing and calling ten billion theatre-related people trying to get a job. So far, the mostly likely is a 3-week music directing gig this summer in the Adirondacks. More on that later!


  1. and learning 100 lounge songs?

  2. well, and making a list of the things i want to work on on the piano, and prioritizing it. and practicing gospel music, which i need to start doing today.