Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Am I Doing This Again?

Does anybody have or know where to get the chords or sheet music to the following gospel songs?:
"Wonderful is Your Name" by Juanita Bynum;
"Forever" by CeCe Winans;
"He Reigns" by Youthful Praise

I'm playing for the NYU Gospel Choir again. The first time, they were singing eight songs: They had sheet music for four; I found chords for two; I found an effective YouTube tutorial for one; and I kind of pieced together the last one (the choir director wrote down the notes the choir was singing, and my friend Jeremy noted down the chords I. ii. III.-style, whatever you call that) in an awkward way. The prep work I did for it was super frustrating and stressful, but then the concert was really fun, so I told them I would do it again.

This time, they're singing eight songs again: They have the sheet music for four; I found sheet music online for one; and I can find nothing nothing nothing for the other three, except super unhelpful, incomplete, lyric and rhythm-less YouTube tutorials. Aaaaaaaaghhhh. FML.

ETA: Also helpful would be a really really cheap transcription service. I don't need all the notes. I don't even need the melody. Just chords and lyrics. Somebody help!

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  1. you are doing it cuz you had such fun, and you have done it once so you already are on your way to learning a new saleable skill and this will firm it up even more. but sorry i can not help with the music - ask your friendly reference librarian