Monday, February 22, 2010

The Day Before Yesterday

I made a chocolate creme (cream?) pie, which I have not done in a long time! It is delicious! I made a regular pie crust for it, rather than graham cracker, which is what I've used for this pie before. It's funny and frustrating, actually - the first time I ever tried making a pie crust was for a delicious pumpkin (well, butternut squash) pie, and it came out perfect. I found it straightforward and simple, and it was easy to roll out and easy to put in the pie plate and emerged light and flaky and wonderful.

Never since. I've made pie crust maybe three or four times since then, and every time it has constantly fallen apart as I tried to roll it, and stuck to the counter, and gone to pieces when I tried to put it in the pie plate. They still come out relatively flaky and taste decent, but they are not super delicious, and they are a little tough, and take significantly longer than I would prefer to invest! Hmph.

Anyway, made the crust, make the chocolate custard (substituting 3 oz. bittersweet TJ's Pound Plus Bar for 2 oz. unsweetened chocolate, which neither Foodtown nor Trader Joe's carry [uh, what? really? so frustrating!], and subtracting a couple tablespoons of sugar), poured the custard in the crust, stuck it in the fridge for two hours, whipped up some cream, and voila! Finished just in time for Jamie getting home! (More on that later!)

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