Friday, February 26, 2010

More Snow!*

I think this is the most snow we've gotten so far! It started snowing yesterday morning and hasn't stopped yet, although it has lightened up. I don't think they've even plowed our street - it looks like cars (and not very many of them) have just been driving on top of packed snow - although Greenpoint has clearly been cleared (heh).

Schools are closed; Bloomberg is on tv talking about how the sanitation department has been working all night, all the plows are in use, they've hired some private services, and "if you want to help salt the streets and get paid, call 311." He addressed libraries, parks, senior centers, Broadway and midtown, homeless people, parking tickets - everything. This city is on top of its shit! During the last storm, D.C. was seriously shut down; that for sure hasn't happened yet here!

Anyway, yesterday Alex and I walked around in the snow after he got off work - I'll post more about that when he emails me the pictures.

This morning I got out in my rain boots and snow gloves and puffy jacket and thick socks and walked around through the - what - 14, 15 inches? - of snow. Some of the bales were so high they overflowed my boots! I tromped around and visited the school playground, which was the loveliest smooth white expanse, and upon request took pictures of a young woman in the snow by one of the basketball hoops, and then ran into the playground and let myself fall on my face and make a big floofy dent! It was the best. I would have taken a picture, but my poor phone camera was confused by all the whiteness.

*Weather: A phenomenon to which I am unaccustomed.


  1. I am REALLY not looking forward to living in New York winter.

  2. The cold sucks, but the precipitation is so exciting! It always feels less cold when it rains or snows. Plus, you get to wear exciting layers! I have a bright red coat and so many colors of scarves, for super cheap from thrift stores and street fairs!