Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It has arrived!

And it has arrived in glory!

I would take a picture, except for not knowing how much it costs yet. Alex asked the guy at Verizon, and he didn't know. What help is that?

Today we carried $185 worth of groceries (we had a 10% off coupon!) home, as snow stung our eyes and lit on our hair and soaked the bottoms of our bags when we had to put them down to switch hands, and mountained the front of my coat in white. Next time I go outside I will be wearing my sunglasses. Fortunately, they are red, so they will match my coat. I might also wear my wide straw hat. It would keep my head dry, and also I would look awesome.

Earlier, when I first woke and discovered that it was snowing, I got right out of bed and took a walk. I started out going south on 40th, then turned west when I hit the freeway, followed the freeway until it veered back towards Greenpoint, walked west on Greenpoint out to Van Dam (I hadn't been that far before. It's only half a mile or so, but after the first part of my trek and because I was trudging (in my beautiful exciting RAIN BOOTS!!!!!) through both untouched, glittering dunes and sludgy overwalked, overdriven pathways, it felt like kind of a long ways! It was so beautiful out, though, and I felt good about myself for walking, and I was relatively warm and dry under my coat and hat and scarf and thick teal socks (thanks, Ruthy!).

Now I am back inside, and all the groceries are put away, and I am not yet ready to go out to do the laundry. But the snow still looks so beautiful flying past my window! The snowflakes are enormous; I can see the individual monster flakes from twenty feet away. I can see their crystalline patterns, even from inside!

I think I'm going to build a snowperson later. That is something that I have never done!

I am a pleased woman.

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