Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Had a Social Life the Other Day!

John W., a friend from Irvine, moved to the city about three weeks ago, and on Wednesday, we got to hang out!

Alex and I met him in the city around 6, and he led us downtown to a little vegetarian Asian fusion place in the Village, the name of which I have entirely forgotten. We ate (I had respectably good Pad Thai, which I did not eat very much of but which provided me three delightful meals by means of its leftovers; I forget what Alex had; John had sesame [soy] chicken, which is his favorite) for relatively cheap in a lovely place (the restaurant was small and nice and many-windowed), and talked for probably an hour and a half or so.

When we finished, we wanted to keep hanging out, so we decided to go up to John's place in Washington Heights (a two-month sublet; he says the area he's in is pleasant, but the building kind of gross), but at about 50th St. it was revealed to John that I have a piano, and we reversed directions and came back here! He printed out a new song he's working on, and I played that and a bunch of other stuff for the boys, which was lots of fun.

Then we (+Tom! yay!) played Settlers of Cataan three times, until 4 in the morning.

Alex and John taught Tom and me. John won once and Alex won twice. I almost won once. But of course, I never win at board games, so that wasn't really in the cards (heh heh).

John stayed the night!


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  1. I love your blogs and am so happy you are having a good time. Love, Ethel