Monday, February 22, 2010

When I Am Rich

I will buy a copy of Treason's Shore, by Sherwood Smith, which is the fourth and final installment in her Inda series, and which none of the four library systems for which I have a library card possesses, even though they all have earlier books in the series. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Also, I will probably buy the first three, because it is stupid to have just the fourth book in a series.

Also, I will buy a food processor, and will be able to make so many delicious things so much more easily.

Also, I might have a housekeeper specifically to come wash said food processor every time I use it.


  1. Ask your libraries to buy it.

  2. I talked to someone at the library a few weeks ago, who said she would ask why they didn't have it. And then I had Alex talk to someone at the same desk at the library about a week later, and he just said he couldn't do anything about it. So I don't know whom to ask!

  3. I love your "when i am rich" posts. And you could hire me to clean the food processor! I clean Alex F's juicer all the time and i've gotten it down to an art. Although I think I would rather just use it with you when we are both rich have all the time in the world to process foods (exotic ones!) and I would actually not enjoy being a food-processor-cleaner at all. But I would be rather good at it, I think.
    Hey, I miss you!

  4. I'm glad you love them! I would not make you clean my food processor. Unless I was really rich and you were very poor, and then I would pay you a million dollars to clean it, and also you would live next door to me and we would process exiting foods all the time.

    I miss you too! Call me!!