Thursday, February 25, 2010

If I Had a Camera

I would take a picture out the drawing room window in different weather at different times of day. It is the perfect view, and so astonishingly different in each of our myriad atmospheres.


  1. there are three windows, each about four or five feet tall and maybe two feet wide, taking up most of the wall above the boiler. there are the empty, somewhat complex branches of a tree - you can't see most of the trunk, which is to the left - stretching out in interesting patterns. right now, it is night, so it's mostly dark, and the street lamp in the top left corner is illuminating rushing snow; the tree is mostly a dark silhouette. earlier, when i wrote the post, it was light out and snowy, and you could see lines and piles of snow along the branches, and a white and grey and blue sky.