Monday, February 22, 2010

Jamie is Back!


She got back on Saturday late afternoon! I am so pleased! I met Alex in the city that evening so we could give her and Tom the apartment to themselves for a while, and we went to the Upper East Side and got pizza and saw Shutter Island, which was terrifying but very good. (Alex didn't think it was scary really at all, just interesting and suspenseful, and that it doesn't even really count as a "scary movie," which I guess just means that I have a very low tolerance for scary, which I knew already, seeing as The Butterfly Effect scared the living hell out of me. But Shutter Island really was very good, very well put together, interesting, even though the premise/solution, when you figure it out, is basically exactly the same as the premise/solution of a different very good movie that came out some years ago. I was hoping it wouldn't be, when it started to occur to me about 2/3 of the way through, but the time it turned out to be, it was done well enough that I didn't object. But anyway, if you have any tolerance for scary at all, I really do recommend it.)

When we got home, Jamie and Tom and Alex and I ate chocolate cream pie and talked until late, and then went to bed. And then on Sunday we pretty much just hung out in the apartment all day, talked, ate pizza, watched the Olympics, and so on and so on... and Jamie's friend Amanda came over in the evening, which was super fun, and Tom made noodles in a slightly cheesy sauce for dinner, which was delicious. Yay! I like having Jamie back! Yay!

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