Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Took Me Three Days To Get Around To It, But

I just made a snowperson!

I had never done that before!

I didn't realize how long it takes to make each section! I had this idea that you are supposed to make a snowball and then roll it in the snow and it gets bigger and bigger, because that is what children do in books and animated films, but the snow barely even wanted to be a snowball, and rolling just resulted in catastrophe, so instead I made sort of a heap of snow and then kept adding to it. Once I finished the bottom layer, I made sort of a heap of snow on top of it and then kept adding to it, little handfuls of snow at a time, pat pat pat, into place. And, of course, the same with the top layer, which was the hardest because it required more finesse.

I think it is usual to use a carrot for a nose and raisins for eyes and mouth, or anyway whatever other appropriate food you can find, but then I thought the squirrels might eat its face and ruin the whole thing in the process. My next thought was buttons, but I didn't have anyway! So it has eyes of dimes, a bobby-pin mouth, and a bobby-pin and penny for the line of its coat and for its coat button. I don't know how long they'll stay - is there a trick for getting snowperson faces to stay on instead of sliding off and taking snow with it? - but I am very pleased.

I am calling it Sorrel, because that is the first name that popped into my head and I think it is pretty.

Sorrel's portrait, below, isn't great quality, because I took it with my camera phone, which is worse than Alex's, but I think it is an admirable resemblance nonetheless!

Say "hello," Sorrel!

"Hello, friends of Shoshana!"


  1. Hello, Sorrel. You are adorable.

  2. Aw-he is so cute I have never made a snowman in my whole life.

  3. you should pour food coloring into him and make him tie-dyed!

  4. that is such a good idea! except that sorrel blew down last night, alas. next time i will do that for sure!